Justo links Jho Low to 1MDB and PetroSaudi

(The Star) – The reclusive Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low, has always maintained that he did not have any part to play in either 1MDB or PetroSaudi Inter­national, both integral parts of the 1MDB mega scandal.

But Swiss whistleblower Xavier Andre Justo says he met Jho Low not once, but twice, to discuss matters bet­ween 1MDB and PetroSaudi Inter­national.

It has been already revealed that from an initial US$1bil (RM3.9bil) that was wired to PetroSaudi, US$700mil (RM) was sent to an account owned by a company called Good Star, which investigation papers showed was controlled by Jho Low.

Justo, in an exclusive interview with The Star at a hotel here, said: “I met him twice. I have told the Swiss authorities the details.”

Justo, who broke open the can of worms that would become Malay­sia’s biggest ever scandal, said he first suspected something was amiss when he realised that large sums of money were being transacted and that PetroSaudi was making enormous commissions.

“(PetroSaudi’s top officials) Tarek Obaid and Patrick Mahony had access to the real numbers, but I knew something was wrong.

“There are commissions in the oil business. That’s the way it is and there is no need to be naive. Oil business means corruption.

“It is something to take 1% or 5%, but it is something else to take more than 80% of the amount in commission. I knew that something was wrong, but I wasn’t expecting this madness,” Justo said.

He added that he was shocked at how the scandal had grown.

From PetroSaudi, the scandal spread to other companies in the Middle East.

“It is unbelievable how greedy, how insane, how mad those people are. They really thought that whatever was in the central bank of Malaysia was theirs.

“‘So, we need a billion. Just open the safe. We need three more billion. Let’s issue a bond against some fake collateral. We need more. Let’s do that.’ They really thought that this Malaysian money was their own money,” he said.

Justo said he held the files from PetroSaudi that were given to him because he wanted money that was owed to him by the company.

Those files, when released, sparked an investigation into the largest corruption scandal in the world.

Justo said he gave the files to the owner of The Edge Communica­tions Tong Kooi Ong through Clare Rewcastle Brown after being convinced of their sincerity and motivation of wanting to reveal the 1MDB scandal.

“They explained to me how this 1MDB corruption machine was working.

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